Cagayan hospitals, health stations improve referral system

Published Date Written by Oliver T. Baccay


 The (HFEP) aims to improve facilities of the district and community hospitals, Rural Health Units and Barangay Health Stations for an efficient and effective health service delivery to the patients from the far flung.

Badua said with the massive enhancements of the rural health stations, non-severe cases are referred to the district hospitals that are nearest to the patients to avoid congestion inside the CVMC.

 “We have been experiencing problem on the daily bulk of patients referred to our CVMC but because it is our duty to serve them, we entertain even those with minor cases. However, we only have limited bed capacity as well as manpower, so if we will not improve our referral system we continuously experience overcrowded service wards,” Badua said.

He explained that the referral system allows minor cases to be referred back to district hospitals while CVMC accepts major cases. They also encourage public to refrain from bringing patients with minor cases as well as those that are giving birth in normal cases to refer them first to health stations or district hospitals to avoid congestion inside the hospital.

“CVMC is suppose to be catering into severe cases that the district hospitals and health stations could not perform so we slowly implement the referral system so that we can focus on cases that are supposed to be brought to us only such major operations and those cases wherein district hospitals do not have facilities and medical specialists on that case,” Badua explained.

DOH reported earlier that they have funded 44 projects for upgrading and rehabilitation of district hospitals and health stations in Cagayan province wherein 40 were already completed while other four are on-going.

CVMC is catering not only patients from Cagayan province but also from its nearby towns to include Kalinga, Apayao, Ifugao, and Isabela. (OTB-PIA2/Cagayan)

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