Legal Basis

4.7. Committee on Development Information and Communication (CDIC), created per RDC2 Resolution No. 22-89


a. Oversee the implementation  of   the  RDC  02’s  Information,  Education  Communication (IEC) programs and activities;

b. Identify  policy  directions as well as recommend strategies  for  ensuring the effective information campaign of all regional development endeavors;

c. Participate in identifying, undertaking, and coordinating projects/activities relative to:


c.1. Print publications

c.2. Radio and television program plugs

c.3. Talakayan, dialogues, and pulong-pulong

c.4. Other special projects such as Information Caravan, 10 point agenda, Millenium Development Goals (MDG), Civic Actions, among others


d. Undertake advocacy and information campaigns on key programs of the government, i.e. Poverty Alleviation, Sustainable Development, Regional Development Agenda, and other current priorities of the government; and

e. Conduct capability-building programs for Information Officers on         communication and advocacy.

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